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Ouran High School Host Club

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2011

10.00 (excellent) Need a stress reliever? Find the Ouran High School Host Club. Have money and time and don't know where to spend it? Find the Ouran High School Host Club! The Cool type, Prince type, Loli Shota (little boy) type, Devil type, Wild type or even the Natural type, they have it all! I thoroughly enjoy the interaction of the characters in each episode, the nice BGMS which consist of a nice mix of string instruments, piano, and air instruments with suitable mood and keys to suit each and every occasion! Add in the fact that I'm a straight girl, the anime has gorgeous art that rivals the manga itself and of course, gorgeous male characters. You have the perfect anime for any normal chick out there! Besides, no harm in watching this and dreaming that one day you might come across a handsome rich host club vying for your attention right? It's not only worth finishing. It's worth re-watching!

Sengoku Basara

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2011

7.00 (above average) I loved the game. I loved the artworks OF the game and yes, I was so excited after just listening to the opening. But jump into the anime and I got disappointed. While I do admit that it does somewhat refer to the game, the sudden simple art with sketchy lines while they fight just makes we wonder "WTH just happened? Did my comp crash or something?". Yes the art is good, most of the time and the soundtracks are nice. But maybe cause it's a game-based anime, but their quotes sometimes just kinda make me tick and I'm like "okaaaay....", and sometimes the overexagerated fighting scenes just make me wonder if I will even consider SB2...I mean...I just saw both of them fly smack into Oda and killed him like a dragon ball anime! Yes it those are in the game too but for some reason, it doesn't really work in an anime for me =S I have no idea if this was supposed to be serious or not cause...really...the final fight which was supposed to be the most serious fight of all (normally), was just.... O.o "huuuh? that's it?" But nonetheless, if you just watch for Date or Yukimura, you're probably good, though you might want to avoid the fighting scenes. And since I did play the game, I did enjoy it...well....most of it I guess... ^^

High School of the Dead

Seen: partially

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2011

4.00 (below average) Honestly? I stopped halfway watching the series. Why? was getting boring. Honestly, a group of kids in Japan from an unknown school, the world is infected by this unknown epidemic where we have no idea came from and these kids are trying to do what again? Oh right, get to their parents and then what? I find the plot pretty aimless halfway through the series as I got myself thinking what in the world would happen next, however, when I found out even the military was involved and they were using nuclear bombs. Unless these teens had super powers, they were not going to get anywhere. While in every episode you see a character grow, as they meet new people, you kinda think it gets a little pointless and draggy after a while. Sure it's a good game setting. Things might have been different if I were a zombie fan, or a guy who likes boobs and panty flashes WITH zombie killing chicks and mindless zombie killing for 12 episodes straight - which sadly I'm not. Needless to say, I don't even intend on following this short series anymore.

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